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Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) is a national grassroots, nonprofit, and nonpartisan organization working to create the political for a livable world.  We are laser-focused on addressing climate pollution from fossil fuels in the US and around the world.  Our first step is enabling legislation of the Carbon Fee and Dividend with Border Carbon Adjustments policy, the #1 economist-recommended, least-cost and fairest way to rapidly reduce climate pollution in the US and around the globe.  We need a little of your help to make it happen.

The Carbon Fee and Dividend climate solution is a great first step that will:

Who We Are

We are citizens speaking up for a livable world by advocating for an effective and equitable climate solution that has a global reach.  Our approach is nonpartisan, respectful, polite, and persistent. We are working to create the political will for climate solutions through outreach to citizens and building relationships and trust with local leaders, businesses, and elected officials, making personal connections through shared values and goals.  Our solution does not raise taxes or grow government, so every citizen and every member of Congress can support it.  It is effective:  it will reduce emissions rapidly to help achieve the IPCC's Paris Climate Accord goals.

An independent study by Regional Economic Modeling Inc. concluded that Carbon Fee and Dividend will result in the following benefits in the first 20 years:

Carbon Fee and Dividend works by gradually correcting the failure of the energy market to account for the external costs of using fossil fuels.  This lets efficient free market forces drive the investment, business, and consumer changes required.  It does this by putting a steadily increasing fee on fossil fuel production at the source (well, mine, and port of entry) based on greenhouse gas emissions, and returning all the money collected (minus administration costs) as a dividend to all American households on an equal basis each month. This dividend results in low-income households coming out ahead, and most other households breaking even.  The additional spending by low-income households this enables will grow the economy and jobs.  Border adjustment tariffs are applied as necessary to normalize production costs on imports and exports with countries that do not have a comparable price on carbon emissions, thereby protecting US jobs and strongly motivating the rest of the world to match our carbon price - as needed for our climate safety.  This solution is supported by leading climate scientists and economists as the most effective, efficient, and equitable approach.

If you want to become more involved, join us and you will be connected with your local CCL chapter.  You can also learn more about CCL by joining a Wednesday evening live introductory call:

About CCL NH

We are students, professionals, parents, retirees and others volunteering with Citizens Climate Lobby.  New Hampshire has a lot to gain from retaining the climate we know including a predictable water supply, stable coastline, livable summers, good ski seasons, a healthy maple syrup industry, and brilliant fall foliage. We also have a lot to gain from switching our energy source from fossil fuels to clean energy alternatives, including stabilizing and in the long-run reducing energy prices, keeping more of what we spend on energy in state, and creation of local clean energy manufacturing, installation, repair, and energy efficiency jobs.

Clean energy jobs will be a leading source of growth this century. The countries and states who make the best initial investments in this area will be leaders for decades to come. For example, as coal jobs continue to decline, solar-energy jobs are growing 12 times as fast as the US economy.

Citizens Climate Lobby has over 200,000 volunteers in over 500 local chapters across the US and in over 60 countries around the world.  The CCL NH chapters are our local effort in New Hampshire to help build the political will to enable Citizens' Climate Lobby's goal to protect our climate and our future by enacting federal Carbon Fee and Dividend legislation.

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Carbon Fee and Dividend - Two Minute Video

Annual June Conference and Lobby Day

Over 1000 CCL Volunteers From Across the Country Meet With Over Five Hundred Congressional Offices

CCL NH Mission

Please join Citizens' Climate Lobby!  Together, we can help Congress address climate change with efficient, fair, and beneficial policies!